Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Last 3 Months Seem Like A Blurr...


My Baby B!

Tummy Time

As my reputation for keeping up with this blog holds even more true, it has been yet again three months since I have touched this thing! I have been sucked into the world of Facebook and seem to have no time for anything else "posting" related...

It's almost the end of August, it's just so hard to believe! My baby turned six months old this month and it is just flying by. He is growing and growing and growing and eating and eating and eating! He is in the 90% + in every measurement that they take at the doctor's office!

He has turned into such a great and happy, happy baby! If I could get him to sleep through the night, I would have NO complaints!

June was another busy month, as they all seem to be. Rob's Mom and Dad came to Colorado to visit, Chris and Blair got married for the first time, and the I have officially lost my mind addition of "Peanut the Puppy" to our already big enough family!

Chris and Blair after the Wedding

We had family pictures taken with the whole damn clan at Hudson Gardens while Rob's Mom and Dad were here. It takes an act of Congress to get everyone together but either the stars were aligned or they were all too scared of me not to show up, and we pulled the pictures off and a wedding to boot!

It turned out to be a beautiful day even though we were slated for a good rain storm! It couldn't have been better! Trevor ended up walking Blair down to Chris and it was the most precious thing I have ever seen...

Onto Pool Day at Debbie's! My girlfriend Dawn's Mom has a summer pool party ritual that we have been invited to this year. Once a month she invites all her girlfriends, and Dawn has invited us all to spend the day in Larkspur at their beautiful home! Trevor loves going to Debbie's to play with the dogs and the train. With all the amazing things at her place, he wants the puppies and the train set she has stuck in a corner of the video arcade. That's my baby - green beans over cookies... Just gotta shake your head a little!

He looks so little - Just gives you an idea of how big those flower urns are! :)

Trevor and the Falcone Puppies!

Trevor in the coolest John Deer EVER!

This is the face of a little boy that is NOT happy that his Grandma just stole a bite of his ice cream sundae! We went back to Old Chicago for dinner with Bob and Virginia and Trevor had to have some ice cream as usual... Virginia snuck a little bite of his ice cream and he was not havin it!

Ahhh - and now Peanut the Puppy! After spending time at Debbie's and seeing just how much this little boy loves playing with dogs, Rob and I had a few serious conversations about getting another dog... to make 4, yes 4! Our other three puppies are 6, 9 and at least 9 years old. The last thing they want to do is be chased around by some crazy pants 3 year old and trying to explain that to him just doesnt compute. So, Mom and I packed up Trevor and the baby after looking for a newf puppy and finding a posting in the Denver Post for half black lab, half golden retriever puppies and let Trevor pick out his new best friend. We played the name game on the way home after he picked him out and Trevor liked Pancake, and we progressed to Peanut. For the first day he called him "New Puppy" and finally got used to calling him Peanut.

They are the best of friends. They give each other a full run for their money for sure. Trevor has been knocked down, scratched, bit, tackled to the ground and just about anything else puppy related and still loves him through it all! The first few nights we baby gated the puppy in our bathroom and it was hell. But the part that made it worth while was to see Trevor asleep on the floor next to the baby gate with his hand slid under the gate to pet his puppy while they slept. Peanut then turned into the "sleep under the deck dog". He would go out to go potty and not been seen or heard from again until around 3 am! Forget it! At least he was on the same schedule as the baby!

Trevor and Peanut the Puppy


July started with yet another 4th of July with great family and friends. Randy and Pam brought the show again this year and we had the best company to enjoy it with. Chris and Blair, Randy and Pam, Billy, Clif, Nicholle and the world's best neighbors were there to partake in the family record setting bottle rocket blow off and all the before and after entertainment that went on! We had a great time and everyone left with both their eyeballs and all their fingers!

Billy and Chris with a bajillion bottle rockets!

Marcia and Braylen - Who wouldnt miss any of the action!

One of the fireworks!

Skylar and Trev on Marcia's Porch

Another pool day at Debbie's! We have such a good time! It wears me out chasing after Trevor all day but we love it... (I need a stroller to push these kids through this house - it's a mile long end to end on each floor!)

Braylen doin' his thing in the swing!

Trevor after taking a swim

Me and the boys in the pool


Braylen is finally big enough to graduate out of the infant tub and into the big boy bath tub with his brother. It took a little convincing to get Trevor to share his bath tub but once they were both in they had a good time together. I walked into the bathroom dry as a bone and without fail I ended up soaked head to toe after all the splishing and splashing and laughing! I find these moments with them some of my favorites!

My boys in the tub!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So I Don't Forget...

Trevor has this thing for my laser level... He fell on it last night and we had our first injury with blood. He hit his mouth on the level and it must of just hit him right on a tooth because there was blood everywhere! Rob was of course at the grocery store and I had Braylen in my arms... After checking it out, the cut was actually small but the blood and the swelling was crazy! After Rob got home, he took Trevor upstairs to show him his mouth and he said to me... "Mama, get all this ketchup out of my mouth!" He's never seen blood before, so makes perfect sense to me that he thought his mouth was full of ketchup!

I'm sure he's gonna have one fat lip this morning when he wakes up!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More in May and Just Because...

Baby B rockin' his new shades

May has been a much better month for all of us in the Coppock clan. Primarily because my sanity has kicked back in and I think we are finally in a groove now with our new lives and our new addition. Braylen is growing like a weed, and has turned into a little tank at his whopping 3 months. He is almost 14 lbs now and I swear is 2 ft long. I have his actual stats somewhere, but the point is he is a big boy already! He is such a happy baby and I am thoroughly enjoying my boys now! He eats really well, is picking up Trevor's sleeping habits of almost every two hours and I just can't explain how much I love having him next to me when he wakes up in the morning... he is happy and laughing and squirming around. Its just precious. Too precious.

Braylen sleeping in his glider

Braylen holding his bottle - Too funny!

He is rolling over, can hold his bottle and can sit by himself in his Bumbo. He has tried some cereal and some applesauce and seems to like it, so a little at a time seeing that it's still kind of early for all that. I wouldn't have even thought about feeding him those things just yet, but he kept grabbing for everything I gave Trevor so I thought maybe that was supposed to be telling me something...

Trev has been a crack up this month... He has turned into my little parrot. Repeat - Repeat - Repeat... And past that - oohh, the scoldings I get from him are too much - He's so serious when he is trying to let me have it that I can't keep a straight face.

Some that I love... I wish I could remember them all...
"Mama - Look what you did!" (not a good thing BTW)
"Mama - It's your bedtime, go to your room!"
"Mama - I wanna ride in the hoopdy hoop." That's what Rob calls our 2006 Camry, a Hoopdy...
"Can I play the remota-computer?" Which is what he calls my laptop. Remote/Computer I guess.

He is playing on my laptop like it's his job. I just can't believe how this kid can whip around on these websites. Games, coloring, you name it, he can do it - touch pad and all! It just kills me. Not to mention that he now takes my iphone to bed to play at night. One night, a week or so ago, he went and laid down in our bed to wait for me to come to bed. Braylen had fallen asleep and so I hung out downstairs with Rob for an hour or so catching up on some TiVo'd shows. Trevor came down with a completely put our air about him and said to me "Maamaa... where's my phooonnne?" I had obviously taken too long coming to bed and he wanted to play his games. I have laughed for days over that one.

I feel like he has really turned 3 now. He is such a little boy now and not a baby. He is lazy as all get out or spoiled rotten, but we are working on that. It's amazing how if I ask him to put his shoes on he can't but if he wants to go outside they are already on when he comes to ask to play... Hmmmm :)

He still isn't too sure about this whole brother thing. He will give him a kiss goodnight and goodbye but that is about it. Braylen is not allowed to be anywhere near Trevor's blankets and he really doesn't like him on his couch either. If people are too loud he will tell people... "Stop making that noise, you're gonna wake brother up!" But if he does it, not an issue. Tell him that he has to be quiet or go in another room and he storms off and says "Trevy is so mad!" and throws his arms down in a miff. It's so funny how he is in his own little world 100% of the time.

He has done some things this month that I really want to remember... he sang his first song and read me his first story. When I say read, I don't mean read. He looks at the pictures and tells me the story of what is going on, but HE thinks he's reading and that is really all that matters. It's so cute. He sings the Taxi Taxi song off Noggin and the Clean Up song too. We're just not big singers so it was so cute to hear him for the first time.

SO what did we do this month? Well, Jill and I went to Endulge for drinks and then Jing for dinner. We had a great time. I got to drink martini's with edible flowers in them that make your mouth numb for the first time. We had fun. She's a blast. I have spent a lot of time with the girls which has been a blessing. I love the fact that after all this time, we're talking 14 years, it just seems like we picked up where we left off and never gave it a second thought.

Mom watched the babies Friday night so Rob and I could have a date night. It was the first time we had been out alone since our anniversary in October. We hit the outlet mall and did some serious Memorial Day Sale shopping and then to Pasta Jay's for dinner. I love that place. We of course had to hit Wal Mart on the way home to pick up something for Trev. He was in bed, but we got him up and let him play with his toys for a while after we got home. I thought he was excited to have us home, but really, first thing out of his mouth was - "Mama - did you get me a present?"

We celebrated Mother's Day at my Moms for the afternoon with her, my Aunt, my Grandma and cousin Linda. It was fun catching up on all the family gossip.

Dad and Chris making pizzas.

My Dad had us up for a pizza night at their new house in Evergreen. It was a beautiful day up there and we had a great time. Trevor ran around like he owned the place and played with Zeus until they were both pooped. Braylen slept almost the whole time we were there, bless his heart. Dad makes the best pizzas ever and he loves doing it, so it made for a great afternoon. We also did a little birthday catch up with them so Trevor got another birthday cake and another present... Lucky kid!

Chris and Trevor eating pizza and tomatoes!

Trevor with the belated birthday cake!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Rooms for My Boys

We moved Trev into a bigger bedroom to make room for Braylen!

Braylen's Room
Which he will never sleep in until he is 6 months older or more I'm sure!

Trevor Turns 3!!

As Close to a Family Picture That We Were Gonna Get!!

Trevor After Blowing Out the Candles

Happy Birthday My Monster Baby!

Happy Birthday My Angel Baby!

I just can't believe it has come so quickly. My baby isn't a baby anymore, he's 3!! The more and more I look at him the more he looks like a little boy now. I look back at the pictures from his second birthday and am in awe of the changes he has made in just one short year. He is 37 inches tall and weighs 34 lbs. He isn't little anywhere anymore. His feet are getting bigger, his head is getting bigger, his legs are getting longer and he is getting to be so strong it's crazy!!

We had family over for his birthday. Nothing too exciting other than cake and gifts. Presents for this kid are a daily event. You cannot get in our front door without him asking if "you brought a present fora me?" It's yet another horrible habit that we have, but it keeps him happy for now. With that said, choosing gifts especially for his birthday wasn't easy for us or any of the family. He has everything!

I did find an interactive Wall-E and Eve at Toy's R Us that I thought would be perfect. I sent Rob to the store to pick up Eve and some other Cars and let his Uncle Chris know that if they didn't know what to get him, Wall-E was his... and boy was it!! Only 3 in the state and Blair told him not to come to the party without it! OMG! Poor Guy!! He hauled butt to the store in Aurora after calling them to hold it, ran in, paid for it and booked it to the party, Wall-E in hand!! Man, that's love!

He loved all his presents and had a great time. He blew his candles out like a champ and was all about getting into his cake! It was a great day for him. His poor Daddy... their birthdays are four days apart and Trevor gets all the attention!

Trevor Playing with His Uncles

I'm 3!!

Playing with Wall-E

Trev and Uncle Joe

He LUVS These Things!

Playing with the Cars Firehouse from Uncle Joe

HUNGRY HIPPOS! He asked for this stupid game for weeks!! "Amma bringing my Hungry Hippos today?" What?? Where did he even see this?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

February and onto March...

Trevor Brushing His Teeth in His Lightening McQueen Robe!

Baskin Robin's - Our First Family Outing

Not A Happy Baby, But I Have Cute Shoes On!!!

At this point it is hard to remember all of the things that have happened in the last 60 days. I can't believe it, but Braylen is two months old already. It seems like it has gone so fast, as it does I guess!

We are all getting used to our new lives. Trevor did well adjusting as far as not being mean to the baby but he did turn into a little devil in the flesh! He really started to act out in other ways and I pretty much thought I was going to have to make my reservations at the hotel with the pretty white jackets and padded walls!!

I could not understand why my angelic little boy had turned into such a brat. We were almost out of the terrible two's or so I thought! He was biting me, kicking me, throwing things at me, flailing around about everything and anything, crying over everything and anything, all this while I'm trying to manage life with a new baby that doesn't sleep unless he's held on hardly any sleep myself!!!

But the long and the short of it all is that I think I have it under control... it was a little painful at times, scabs on my nose from being bitten and a fat lip here and there, and I think we're good!

Life is different, and one of the things that I forgot about is that I used to go to work 4 days a week and now it's only one. As much as it may have nothing to do with it, in my mind I really think the fact that I am home with him 6 days a week now and the rules are pretty much mine to make is a big change. Giving him EVERYTHING and I mean everything, and doing everything that we could think of wasn't working so the hammer finally dropped... It's serious discipline time.

I have never really played Billy Bad Ass with him, but this crap was out of control and it had to stop! There were nights he went to bed without a bottle, without his TV, without a light on in his room, nothing. This may sound trivial, but these are all his comfort things that he has had since he was one!! Rob packed up all of his toys with the exception of a few and took them away... it changed.

He now, for the most part has been a very good little man!! He plays with one toy at a time, and then puts it away, the flailing and screaming is way less frequent than before, he eats at the table like he should... it's better... therefore I am better, and need less wine!!

Braylen is sleeping a couple hours in the daytime at a stretch and then he takes a couple 45 minute naps and does about 8 hours at night! Heaven! He will sleep in his glider now which is a wonderful thing. He was only sleeping on his stomach which was nerve wrecking for me and never let me sleep when he slept. Once he got tired of that program, he wouldn't sleep unless he was being held... That changed once, thanks to the wisdomes / googling / advice of my mom, we figured out that we had been starving this poor baby. Turned 2 ounces into 4 ounces and he was down for the count! Ahhhh...

The jacket and padded walls will have to wait!

Braylen and Daddy

One of Our Attempts to Get Him to Sleep - This Worked for a Day...